Wednesday, May 7, 2008

This video is the result of our cumulative efforts to highlight Washington Park and LAND. We hop that this video will be useful in providing the community a better understanding of the park's past, present, and future.

-Nathan, Andrew, Kyle

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Project Update

The editing of our film has been an experience. The lack of computers on campus that contain iMovie was an issue. Luckily one of our laptops has the program. On the negative side of things, it is the new version which none of us knew how to use. After some use however, we started getting used to the program and found it to be very helpful. Now it is only a matter of sorting through what we don't need. We are very pleased with our progress thus far and think the film should turn out nicely.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Group Proposal

Final Project Proposal

Group Members:
Nathan Booth
Andrew Dicker
Kyle Smith

Washington Park:
The Community and the Environment

Our initial observations of Washington Park seem to express the same sentiment, that the space is underutilized. The numerous residents we have already conversed with seem to share the same feelings. We feel that documenting the activity happening in the park will lead us to better understand how the community relates to the environment. In doing so we also aim to discover how the community has related to the park over time. What caused Washington Park to change from the social space it once was to what it has become today? These are the issues on which we plan to focus our attention.


Milwaukee Department of City Development

Urban Ecology Center

Washington Park Information(small synopsis)